Friends of Chapel Street Park

We are a group of local residents, who work together to care for, maintain and improve Chapel Street Park – the gateway to Manchester’s Green Corridor in the heart of Levenshulme.

Friends of Chapel Street Park Updates.

We won the £5000 Higgidy “Seeds of Joy” grant!

Thank you to everyone who voted and shared the grant link! The next planning meeting will be at 8pm on Zoom on the 8th of Feb 2021. Please send us an email if you would like to come along. Don’t forget to check out the amazing plan for the Old Bowling Green and tell us what you think. To view it click here.

We held out first AGM on Thursday 3rd December 2020

We elected a committee and adopted our constitution, which you can read here

To see the proposed plan for the Old Bowling Green site, click here

Inaugural AGM Minutes 3.12.20

Romanian translation: Română

Pashto translation: پښتو

Urdu translation: ترجمہ

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